I first came to Gary to help me with anxiety and depression that I had been struggling to battle for 5 years. I had tried everything else and other therapies seemed to be a temporary fix or didn’t really affect me at all. 


When I went to Gary I was at rock bottom and had given up on getting a better life for myself. A family friend recommended him and walking into my first session I was very sceptical but after meeting with Gary I instantly felt at ease and after my first session, I already felt better!


Gary helped me to discover small changes in my life and attitude that helped me recover and maintain more healthy relationships with friends and family and helped me discover the courage and strength to cut off toxic traits habits and people in my life. Over the years I had developed unhealthy and bad habits that I didn’t really notice and with the help of Gary I discovered how to create new healthy habits.


I enjoyed every minute of my coaching with Gary as it was so different from any therapies I’d had before. Gary genuinely cared about how I was and listened to what I wanted from my sessions and went above and beyond to make sure that the work we done together was designed to help me reach my goals and targets.


Gary takes a genuine interest in your progress and not only celebrates your successes but supports you when you’ve not been as successful between sessions as you wanted to be. Gary checked on me between sessions and went above and beyond to make sure I knew I was doing well. 


In the time I worked with Gary the small changes he helped me make led to bigger changes, I went from a girl who was scared to leave the house most days and who didn’t really value herself or her life to a genuinely happy more confident more bubbly individual, everyone around me noticed changes in me. 


Before my sessions with Gary my family were constantly worried about me because my moods dipped to extremes but thanks to Gary I found balance and understood the way my reactions were impacting not only me but my family and everyone around me. Now my family and myself have a much better relationship because I’m able to go out with them and handle situations more calmly instead of being so reactive. Gary enabled me to start a proper dialogue with my family and taught me not everything needs a massive reaction.


Working with Gary has also gave me the tools to keep moving forward even when the sessions are done. A few sessions in I was able to eat more and sleep at night which was something I had struggled with on and off for 5 years!. Gary made what I thought was impossible extremely possible!. I loved the coaching sessions because I never felt any pressure I always felt very at ease but I still got life-changing results!


For anyone thinking about going to see Gary the only advice I can give you is do it!! He’s an amazing person and his calm a genuine nature makes it very easy to work with him and get the results you not only want but the ones you didn’t even realise you needed. Gary helped me discover my self worth and helped me to start enjoying life and make me realise that life is worth living. Myself and my family will be forever grateful for what Gary helped me do and the person he helped me to become I will never be able to thank him enough.