About Me

One of my favourite feelings in the world is seeing someone achieve something they’ve always really wanted to, and it’s even better when it’s something they previously thought they couldn’t.

Whether it’s a personal or professional goal that takes life in the direction they want. A profound realisation that totally transforms their world and how they think. Or achieving a real feeling of happiness, contentment and confident within themselves.

You know that feeling of surprise, excitement and immense pride you get when you achieve something truly meaningful to you?

Almost as if it can’t be true?

Like you’ve got no way of explaining just how good it feels?

Sharing those special moments with my clients is exactly why I do what I do and I love it.

My speciality is helping professionals just like you to create the confidence to achieve your goals and thrive living the life of your dreams.

Because life is so much more fun, exciting and fulfilling when you have clarity, confidence and empowering goals.

That is when you are clear on who you are, what you want and how to get it.

Are confident in yourself and your abilities to make it happen.

And you have the goals in place to bring it all to life.

Well, to my clients and I it is, and seeing as you are here I’m sure you’ll agree…

Life is meant to be fun, exciting and fulfilling and, isn’t it?!

And you do want to feel confident, achieve your goals and thrive, don’t you?!

Excellent!  You’re in the right place.

How do I know?

Because you and I are very alike.

I know you’ve got magic in you.

Goals you want to achieve, things you want to do and maybe even a difference you want to make.

You’ve probably read a good few personal development books, watched loads of videos and webinars and maybe even attended some live events.

But your deepest goals and desires remain things you’ve not yet done because, for some reason or another, you’ve not got the complete clarity or confidence.

And that’s ok, you’re not alone.

In fact, that’s where a lot of my clients are when they first come to me.

It’s also where I started out.

Zero clarity on who I was or what I wanted and just as little belief in my ability to figure it out never mind make it happen.

The stress of which I allowed to build to the point I became pretty overweight, anxious and depressed.

It wasn’t until I let things get this bad and I had considered suicide that I finally made a change.

I started with my physical health.

Transforming my physique and fitness from a 38 waist – getting out of breath going up and down stairs…

To a 32 waist running sub 7 minute miles.

This was only the beginning.

Without the clarity on who I was and what I wanted the anxiety and depression were still there.

That’s where I began to work on my mindset. And that’s when the real magic began to happen.

To cut a long story short…

Back in 2016, I left home very lost and alone to stay in the French Alps over summer – I love the mountains!

Taking up a seasonal position in the tourist adventure holiday industry.

I took my first ever self-help book with me, which I purchased especially for going, and it helped me to transform my mindset and thus, my life.

It wasn’t quite that simple but you can ask me for all the juicy details you want when we get to connect, I promise.

The most important thing here is, I learned of the power and potential we all have within us to change and to create our own happiness.

So much so that one fateful morning after a run in the beautiful French Alps a realisation that felt like it had been waiting my whole life to come hit me…

If I can change how I feel about myself and my life so dramatically just by changing the way I think, then anyone can do it – and it’s my responsibility to let the world know it! I’m going to become a life coach.

And four years later here we are!

I’m professionally trained and certified to the highest standards in Coaching, NLP & Energy Leadership with a history of getting my clients transformational results and you’re here looking for my help.

It’s quite amazing how these things work out, isn’t it?!

And I’m so grateful for all of it, especially to have you here now.

Because it’s the amazing people like you and my clients who dare to dream, aspire to achieve and allow me the opportunity to share my gifts and talents with you.

That is, to help you to create the confidence to achieve your goals and thrive, living the life of your dreams.

That’s what my clients and I are doing and you can do it too.

I know you can and it’ll be my pleasure to show you the way.

To find out how:

For those who want to stretch themselves to be greater and braver than they currently are, I couldn’t recommend Gary more!” – Alison Goldstein