I came to Gary after reading about his coaching and after discussing with Gary what I had been through health-wise. I asked him if he could help me find a way to build my confidence back up and overcome my fears as I was so frightened I wasn’t going to get back to where I was before I took ill.

We talked for over an hour and just by changing a few words around I felt myself becoming more relaxed and positive. Gary was showing me how to think and make changes for myself in such a way that I felt so much better throughout our first session than what I did at the start of the session.

After 12 sessions of setting targets, achieving them (eventually), altering my diet and dealing with my anger issues that had been with me for a number of years, I can now honestly say “why did I ever get so angry, it just wasn’t worth it.”

I am so happy and confident in how I feel and I know that whatever is thrown at me I am going to deal with it full on. My life is not going to be an easy one with my health issues, but I’m so determined to make each day better than the previous one.

I had a couple of blips along the way during my 12 weeks, but the one thing I found was that choosing my thinking and staying positive, like Gary helped me to do, showed me how easy it is to resolve it. It is such an experience to feel like that. Usually in the past I would think about things for hours on end and dwell on them.

Gary gave me a marvellous idea to write a daily journal and I am doing this when I wake up and at the time I go to bed. Whether it’s been a good day or a bad one, it doesn’t  matter, because when I read back where I was when I first started doing this with Gary, what problems I was dealing with and how I’ve overcome them,  reading back the progress I’ve made and what I have achieved in 12 weeks, it just makes me want to keep improving and set new challenges for myself.

Working with Gary has been truly amazing, he has made me feel and think that there is nothing that can get in my way. I suffered a near-death experience through chronic health issues, but I look at life so differently now. I am confident, eating healthy, and I just feel so happy and I enjoy what I am doing every day.

I have Gary to thank for helping me (in a small way) as he won’t take the credit he so deserves,  that he showed me how to alter my way of thinking and twiddling words around to give me a positive way of dealing with day to day life.

I found Gary to be warm, caring and makes you feel so relaxed from the word go. We have had so many laughs along the way and it has been a truly amazing journey.

I would recommend Gary to anyone in a heartbeat as I am so happy I approached him when I was in such an unhappy state.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart Gary.