I went to coaching with Gary to help me overcome my depression, crippling anxiety and my lack of confidence.

In the 6 weeks I was working with Gary I feel like I achieved beyond my expectations and couldn’t be happier about it!

Before going to my sessions I couldn’t be in any social situation without my partner and the thought of it even with her would send me into a panic and a spiral of negative thoughts that could take me days to recover from. Now I don’t fear these situations and if anything I embrace them! And I can’t remember when I last fast my depression!

To top it all off, on a last-minute decision to tackle my smoking in our last session, I haven’t had a cigarette since our last session and don’t have the struggle I feared I would have.

Gary’s personal, friendly and understanding touch he gives if fantastic and I will be recommending him to anyone and everyone who would benefit from his services!