I came to life coaching hoping to develop a better understanding of myself, the things holding me back and to learn ways of becoming a better version of myself. I now understand the things that do and don’t drive me forward and where my true passions lie.

Having gone to therapy in 2018 which felt very impersonal and money-oriented I greatly appreciated Gary’s personal touch and down-to-earth manner and genuine interest in my progress. It was great feeling I could talk to him about anything- friendships, relationships, careers, diet, memory, shyness and everything else that came up. It was like having a life-coaching encyclopaedia at my disposal, with no issue too big or too small. My main takeaways were identifying some of my passions, resolving internal conflicts and understanding the positive intentions of my thoughts.

I was feeling lost and uninspired when I came to Gary, without any clear direction for the future and was concerned that things were only going to get worse. Having worked with Gary for three months I have a much clearer direction about what I want from life and feel that passion has been reignited in me for the first time in many years.

As a result of working with Gary I have taken more ownership of my choices in life, feel capable of taking on challenges that I have avoided for years and my self-worth has greatly improved. I am no longer conflicted by thoughts that have troubled me for much of my life and have learnt about the power of positive thinking and visualisation. I have also acquired valuable nutritional advice, which has contributed to a more structured and disciplined daily routine.

What I enjoyed most about working with Gary was the laid-back environment and his willingness to share his own experiences. I always felt relaxed and took away meaningful insights from each of our sessions. It was great having someone I could consult about such a wide range of topics. Gary was always able to provide me with advice or inform me of resources online. I came to life coaching looking for practical advice and a self-discovery experience and definitely feel I got that from our work.

I would recommend Gary to anyone looking to achieve a better understanding of their self and wanting to take an active approach to improving their life. I took 10x as much from 3 months with Gary as I did from 6 months of therapy last year and felt able to ask him about a much wider range of subjects. Gary gives you 100% effort in every session and his passion for what he does is clear to see.