I came to coaching with Gary to both resolve and improve. I was carrying a lot of emotional baggage that I wanted to let go of and I wanted to improve myself as a person to live my life as the person I want to be. The emotional baggage is now gone and no longer a burden. I can now freely discuss and share my experience because the negativity that I associated with it has been overcome due to a change in perspective.

What I liked most about Gary’s coaching is how effective it is. With just simple pro-active conversations so much can be accomplished. My biggest takeaway is that it is crucial to regularly analyze ones self and implement whatever solutions are necessary to stay happy and present.

As a result of my sessions with Gary I feel like myself again. I was so upset and focused on the past that I wasn’t enjoying life and became a miserable person. Speaking to Gary allowed me to come to terms with what happened and view the situation in a different light. Now it is something that simply occurred in my past and no longer is affecting my future.

The 2 most specific results that I have achieved from my coaching experience is that I can now freely discuss what I went through and that I am at peace when I am alone with my thoughts. Prior to Gary, I was too embarrassed and worried about being judged to share with anyone. These feelings along with overall regret and wanting to go back in time to “fix” things resulted in a lot of my thoughts being stuck in the past and therefore trapped in a time that made me feel very uncomfortable.

What I liked best about working with Gary was that he made me feel very comfortable. He lets you freely express yourself and challenges your thinking. He is very supportive and at the same time hands-off enough that you do a lot of work and thinking for yourself to come to your own conclusions/solutions.

What I would say to anyone considering using Gary’s services is “Do it!”. Everyone considering and even not considering can and will benefit. This is an opportunity to get the most out of your life. You’re only losing out on the opportunity if you don’t go for it.